Our Purpose

Our Foundation

Smoking Kills. Vaping saves- and it is beautiful. This was the principle our founders presented in an annual business idea competition at the University of Florida. Not only did they present the facts that vaping is a viable alternative to smoking, but they created a product that was innovative and alluring. And so- long story short, they won.

Superior Quality and Catering

Our juice is meant to serve you. Every aspect of our product was thoughtfully addressed by us to ensure your most satisfying experience. For example, the bottle itself is glass to maintain optimal flavor, it's tinted to ensure obstruction of sunlight, and the cap is child proof to ensure the safety of loved ones. These are a few simple precautions we take on your behalf. Every element of our juice is crafted to a thousandth of a milliliter with the most fresh and quality ingredients. Every bottle is cellophane sealed for your safety. We live to serve.

Making a Difference

We are dedicated to changing lives. We want to make a lasting impact. Duke Juice will indefinitely donate $1 of every product purchased to charity. We are committed to saving those from the clutches of smoking and unfortunate circumstances. We are currently donating to the American Lung Association.

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